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At passion4success our aim is to find that spark of passion hidden away inside you burried beneath the daily grind. Let us help you re-discover and develop your 'fire' that hidden passion into something that can give you financial rewards and satisfaction as well as adding tremendous value in lives of others.


Passion4Success is all about the concept of profiting from your passion by developing a successful business from something your love to do.  Our coaching, talks and seminars are specfically desgined to support you, and  allow you access to essential and quality knowlege and information that allows you to recognize and foster your own individual passion which is invaluable.


You can achieve your goals faster through passion4success business and career coaching.


Syed Rahman has a Dilpoma in Performance coaching for Business and a second Diploma in Performance Coaching for Education as well as a third qualification in Coaching from the world famous Cambridge University.


He has appeared on Channel 4 Television where the stock he recommended in front of millions of people went from £4 to £56 a share, a great return of 1400%. So £10,000 invested would have become £140,000 or a £100,000 investment would have grown to an amazing £1.4 million and the company is now a Top FTSE 100 company worth approx £8 billion pounds.


 He has also been on the BBC and Sky Channels and was also on the Observer Newspapers Asian A List, A List of the Top 40 Acheiver's in the UK so he knows how to acheive goals and become successful and he shares these secrets of success through his passion of coaching.

"Syed, Many thanks for your presentation you gave at Barclays recent 'Property Finance for Asian Entrepreneurs' event.  The talk was highly appreciated by all concerned, your personal story was inspiring to all of us, and your advice on future success was very highly regarded.  We look forward to working with you again immensely."

Anoop Rattan - Barclays Bank

"Syed’s course “Show me the Money” is phenomenal.  This course picks up where most of the others have left off.  For example as a real hands on entrepreneur, books like Rich Dad Poor Dad have always inspired me but never given me enough practical  knowledge to really take my business to another level.  The same goes for the personal development courses like the Robbins events, they are amazing for making major shifts in your life, you come out motivated, but still unsure what to do next.  With Syed’s course you not only know what to do next, you know what to do after that and take the process through to a level of completion."


I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to attain a greater level of success and mastery in their personal finances and business.  It is useful for entrepreneurs, business people, Property investors, Stock Investors, Networkers and even someone who wants to start a venture in these areas.  I feel this is the best and only course in the UK area worth taking on this subject."


Andrew Zirkin - Entrepreneur/ Networker

How People Have Benefited From Syed's Talks, Events and Seminars

Top Success Achiever Syed Rahman as seen on CH4, BBC and Sky and selected for the Observer Newspaper's Top 40 Achievers List can now help you achieve what you want in your career, Business and Personal Life

"Syed’s course “Show me the Money” is phenomenal.  This course picks up where most of the others have left off.  For example as a real hands on entrepreneur, books like Rich Dad Poor Dad...and personal development courses like Robbins events.. "

Andrew Zirkin -Entrepreneur