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Ask Syed To Speak At Your Event

"I recently heard Syed speak at a property event in London. He spoke in a way that was both comprehensive and passionate. After hearing Syed make clear and challenging points during his presentation, I knew that it was in my best interest take him up on the offer of a financial consultation.


Although I had spend much of the last few months researching various profit making strategies, Syed’s advice was quite refreshing in the way that it came from an angle different to the ones that I had been hearing recently. With the direction the Syed gave me, I have possibly saved months of wasted time and effort focusing on the wrong issues!


Since meeting personally with Syed, my wife and I have made massive progress in the pursuit of the lifestyle that we desire!"


"Many thanks and the greatest success!",

Nigel Austin - Property Investor

Are you looking for an inspirational speaker for your next event?


Do you want your audience to be touched, moved and inspired..into taking steps to create a better world for themselves?


Syed is a passionaite speaker & motivator. He speaks from his heart as well as his mind.


His passion and warmths comes across instantly & captures the minds and hearts of this audience.



    "Syed keeps his audience captivated from start to finish, and in somehow what seems like five minutes actually turns out to have been half an hour and your life has forever been enriched for the better"


William Craig & Emma Zif - Quixotic Development