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Syed Rahman is an Investor, Business Writer, Author, Keynote Speaker and a Business Consultant and Coach. Over the last 10 years he has shared his knowledge with millions of people and has appeared on Television, Radio and Magazines in the UK and Internationally including CH4, the BBC, and Sky as well as being selected to appear in the Observer Newspapers Asian A List. A list of the Top 40 Asian Achievers in the UK and has worked with International Blue chip companies like Barclays as well as the DTI.


His passion is to help you improve the quality of your life by achieving your unique and specific goals, through his Consultancy and Coaching practice Passion4Success.com.  He gives talks and seminars on 'Growing Your Business, Property and  Investing & The macro economic factors that affect Wealth Creation. You can email him on asksyed@passion4success.com  or go to his website to get more details and register for a free newsletter at www.passion4success.com.

How to acheive your New Year's Resolutions

By Syed Rahman, Jan 3 2013 01:51PM

As the new year has now begun, many of us have either made our new year's resolutions or are making them.

Most of us will unfortunately give up on them as the year progresses, whether it's losing weight or budgeting to reduce our outgoings or changing and improving our careers. So how do you keep your resolutions?

Step 1

Decide on your New Year's Resolution.

Decide what is it you really want ? What is really important to you ? Start making a list.

Step 2


Prioritise the list. What is more important, what is not as important, because it is very difficult to change everything in your life at the same time, like losing weight, changing career, starting a new

course to study, starting a new relationship and moving home.

Step 3

Create a plan

So once you have prioritised the list take the most imporant goal and make a plan to acheive this.

This means creating a schedule so you can manage your time and your goal.

So if it is to lose weight then create a time table as to when you will exercise everyday and if it is budgeting when you will take time out in the day to go through your income and expenses.

Step 4

Have rewards and incentives

Make sure you have incentives to help you acheive the goal and sub goals, so if it is to lose weight then you can buy yourself that beautiful dress when you reached your goal or for budgeting, your incentive may to treat yourself to less expensive gifts like a meal in a restaurant once a month if you keep your budget on track.

Step 5

Get Support.

This could be family and friends, or may be a professional who are trained to help you. All successful athletes have sports coaches who help acheive their goals and so can you. A fitness coach can provide the incentive and accountability to exercise according to your plan so you are more likely to hit your target.

A qualified, trained and experienced financial, career or business coach can do the same for your business or career.

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