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Syed shot to fame after appearing on the famous CH4 live Investment programme 'Show Me The Money', where in front of millions of viewers he recommended a stock, which went on to become the top FTSE 100 company of the year. The share price went from £4 to £56 a share, which means £10,000 invested would have grown to a amazing £140,000. If you had invested £100,000 it would have given you an incredible return of £1.4 million.


Today, it is still one of the largest companies in the UK with a market capitalisation of £12 billion. (market capitalisation correct at 26th July 2009: Source Sunday Times)


Syed was featured in the Observer's list of top 40 Asian achievers in the UK which included many successful people, including Vijay Patel (listed in the Sunday Times Rich List at £520m) and Luqman Arnold the previous CEO of Abbey National.

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Potential Magazine - a national publication aimed at UK entreprenuers, Syed has written several articles on 'Stock Market Invesment' and Property Investment.

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Appeared on BBC Radio Live - as financial expert to comment on the film about the credit crunch and bank lending.

Syed has written articles on property investments, stock market and making money on the internet in Assets Magazine a business and lifestyle publication targeting the UK business and entrepreneurs.


Syed appeared on Venus TV Sky platform Channel 805 to talk about future of property market in UK.


"I have no hesitation in recommending his seminars great value for money from a true wealth guru"


Raj Malhotra  - Management Trainer/Entrepreneur

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