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How to Start Your Own Business: Turn Your Passion into Profit


Learn how to Find Your Passion and Build a Powerful and Profitable Business Around It



The job market is becoming increasingly unstable these days. Large companies are shedding employees and you may be thinking you're the next to go. You need extra income and you do not want to travel and be stuck in traffic all day to earn that extra money. You may be tired of office politics and your boss and want to have more time with your family, working flexible hours.


So, you're thinking of becoming your own boss and starting your own business. But here is the dreadful statistics: 8 out of 10 small businesses fail within the first year. Why is that so? Well, here are some main reasons for failure:


1.Lack of understanding & knowledge of how to run a business


2.Bad business idea in the first place


3.The business is not based on your passion, so you quickly lose interest


4.Invested too much money to start a business and can't pay it back


5.Not up-to-date with the latest technologies (such as Internet marketing )


6. Lack of clear and concise business plan


7. Do not have a mentor or coach to guide you through a process. ( making costly mistakes)


This course specifically designed to address the main causes for business failure and set you on the right path to success


Learn how to start a business based on your passion. It can be an online business that you can work from home online or an off-line business. If you have ideas around business that you feel passionate about but have not been able to put it into practice. In this power-packed coaching program you will show you the practical steps to make it happen.


With easy to follow step by step guidance and coaching from the Top Business Success Coach & Celebrity Syed Rahman who will share with you his  in depth knowledge expertise combined with proven business strategies this course will inspire you to step into action!


If you already have a business idea and are ready to start, in this program you will learn how to write a business plan that will cover all the important aspects of your new business and can help you to raise


This is a 12 week on-to-one telephone coaching program. It is broken up into 6 modules. each module begins by identifying objectives and provides specific home work for you to complete. The modules are based on an easy step by step learning with no technical jargon and plenty of proven strategies.


What Will You Gain from this course;-


How to identify what you feel passionate about


How to get clear what is your true passion vs just an interest


Identify what are your core strengths and talents


Learn how your strength match your passion


How to start a business on minimal budget


Create a lifestyle business working from home


How to choose the type of business that best suits your particular personality


How to create a most inspiring vision for a passion based business


Develop a purpose statement for your business


Identify the target market for your passion based business


Learn different online and offline models for a profitable business


Learn how create a simple business plan for your new venture


How to determine the pricing, promotion and distribution strategies for your new venture


The importance of partnering with others and building your team of supporters


How to create a realistic implementation plan to ensure the success of your new business


The biggest mistake you can make in starting your own business


The most critical success factor to starting a business


How to overcome your fears of starting a new business


How to prioritise and keep on track with what you need to achieve


How to get support to make sure you stay positive and doing the right thing


What is the target audience?


What is Coaching Benefits of Coaching How I Coach